All your favourite music, in one place

Listen to 35 million songs, albums & playlists with YouTube, SoundCloud, Deezer, Spotify and Vimeo, discover concerts in your area with Songkick, explore over 2.5 million artist pages loaded with content from Facebook, iTunes &, and much more...

Collect and share the music you love

LetsLoop combines the social experience of Facebook & Twitter with the bookmarking of Pinterest to help you build the ultimate online music collection. Simply hit Loop to share & Fan to save to your profile.

Discover music from other fans

Follow your friends, tastemakers or anyone who shares your taste in music to get a live stream of their song, album, playlist & concert recommendations.

Explore your favourite artists

Listen to full discographies, find out when they are playing in your local venue, discover similar artists, check out their bio & photos, and see who else is a fan.

Listen, using the streaming service of your choice

Tired of skipping between YouTube & Vimeo for videos, Spotify for the new TayTay ;), and SoundCloud for your favourite remix? LetsLoop brings all your favourite streaming services together in one place and let's you decide how you listen.

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