Getting started

1What is LetsLoop?

LetsLoop is a place to discover, collect, share & listen to music with your friends & other music fans.

2Is LetsLoop free?

Yes. And it always will be.

3Can I listen to music on LetsLoop?

Yes. You can listen to over 35 million songs, albums and playlists with YouTube, Spotify, Deezer, Vimeo or SoundCloud.

4Do I need to be a member to use LetsLoop?

No. We want LetsLoop to be a place where anyone can enjoy music, so the site is 100% open to non-members. However, we believe that you will get much more out of your LetsLoop experience as a member who can:

  • Follow people who share your taste in music
  • Collect & share the music you love
  • Compete in the charts
  • Build your online music profile
  • Create playlists
  • Find out when your favourite artists are coming to your town
  • And much, much more...

5How do I discover music on LetsLoop?

There are many ways to discover music on LetsLoop, here are 6 to get you started:

  1. Following people
    • Follow your friends or anyone who shares your taste in music to receive a real-time feed of their music recommendations in The Loop
  2. New Music page & radio
    • The New Music page displays our pick of the best new songs & albums on LetsLoop. Just hit the "Play All Songs" button to listen to a playlist of all the latest song releases
  3. Discover page & radio
    • The Discover page shows you loops that you may not have seen before based on the artists you're a fan of or have looped in the past. Just hit the "Play All Songs" button to listen to them all in one handy playlist
  4. Artist pages
    • Explore over 2.5 million artist pages loaded with full discographies, upcoming events, bios & reviews, photos and similar artists
  5. Profile pages
    • Browse profile pages to see that person’s loops, what music & friends you have in common, find out what concerts they’re going to, and listen to their playlists
  6. Charts
    • Discover the most popular songs, albums, playlists, artists and users on LetsLoop

6How do I share music on LetsLoop?

There are 3 ways to share music on LetsLoop:

  1. Looping
    • Looping is how you share music with your followers on LetsLoop. To "Start A Loop" click the button in the header or click on the Loop button any time you see it around the site. Looping is discussed in more detail in the Looping section of the FAQ
  2. By using LetsLoop
    • Your followers will receive a small notification on their homepage when you do certain things on LetsLoop. These include: when you fan a song, album, artist etc, like or comment on a loop, follow a user or attend a concert. But don't worry, the music you listen to is private!
  3. Facebook, Twitter & email
    • You can share your loops on Facebook, Twitter or by email. There is more detail on sharing in the Looping section of the FAQ

7Who will see my loops?

Only your followers will see your loops in The Loop. However your loops will be displayed on the corresponding artist page when you loop a song, album or concert, and they will also be displayed on your profile page (who sees this can be controlled in your privacy settings).

8How do I get more followers?

There are several ways to gain more followers:

  • Invite your friends via Facebook, Twitter or email
  • Follow people who share your taste
  • Post quality music
  • Leave comments and like people’s loops
  • Share your loops on Facebook & Twitter to increase awareness of your great taste in music!

9How do I find people to follow?

When you follow someone you will start to receive a real-time feed of their loops on your homepage so you can listen, like, fan, reloop and leave comments. The 2 easiest ways to find people to follow are:

  1. "Loopers" on your homepage
    • Here we recommend people for you to follow who share your taste in music. This is based on the artists you're a fan of or have looped in the past. You can also connect to Facebook, Twitter or your email account to find your existing friends.
  2. Looper chart
    • The looper chart shows the most popular people on LetsLoop based on the number of times they’ve been relooped (+2 points) and how many likes they’ve received (+1 point) (you can learn more about user charts in the Charts section of the FAQ)

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