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Jaleesa Wells·Chicago, US

I'm having a great time in Chicago and am, currently, a graduate student at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago: Arts Administration and Policy. This past May 2014, I traveled am to five places I’ve never been before: Texas, Switzerland, Belgium, Germany, and Scotland. It was one hell of a month! And after a sight-seeing, museum dwelling, and food grazing experience, I am ready to continue my wanderlust ways in Chicago and surrounding areas. I think an easy-going concert on the lawn is in order. I’m checking off items on my bucket list, which is mostly full of travel ambitions and pursuits. I always feel reinvigorated after a long trip to a new place. After I graduate, I plan to either continue onto a phd and/or find a job in the arts, while developing my own performing arts and publishing company. Thus, I’m looking to hang out with people who want to converse over delicious food and drinks, while watching a new (or old) band. Feel free to contact me with music suggestions and fun conversation!

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